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A simple API to create, use and distribute your achievements

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Our Mission

Imagine if you could collect all your achievements in one place... And your life’s greatest moments were neatly recorded and available for you to retrieve any time. Free to use, easy to access. All through a simple API..

Gamification at its finest

Some of the ways you can benefit from adding achievements to applications

And of course in any and all games:

Simple API

One of the fundamental goals is to give users complete control over their data while creating an API available to all developers to use. Chiiv supports OAuth2 authentication which is compatible with most popular desktop, mobile and web platforms.


  • /achievement/:id
  • /set/:id
  • /set/:id/achievements
  • /user/:id
  • /user/:id/sets
  • /user/:id/awards


  • Easy API
  • RESTful
  • OAuth2
  • Free tier

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